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  • Cakedude222


    November 25, 2013 by Cakedude222

    This wiki is sort of dead.... Hardly anyone visits my wiki anymore. But oh well I have started a new wiki with a friend of mine. :D

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  • Cakedude222

    O.k. so yesterday I learned on how to add emoticons to the chat. Here are the list of emoticons to the chat. If you want some type of emoticon then request it here and also what the code/s should be for it.

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  • Cakedude222

    A Cheap Test Log

    June 22, 2013 by Cakedude222
    • Obi the LEGO FanAnd I already told you it's because I want you to go to heaven, not for the sake of having an argument.
    • 10:17Cakedude222Yea lets drop it
    • Obi
    • Pm
    • 10:18Shadowfax123Bye all, God bless
    • 10:19BrickfilmNutDang, I wanted to talk with Obi.
    • 10:19Cakedude222BFN wait here
    • 10:19BrickfilmNutOh, hey Obi.
    • 10:19Obi the LEGO FanSorry, my connection is bad
    • 10:20BrickfilmNutWho's isn't?
    • Welcome to the Cakedude222 Wiki chat 
    • 10:20BrickfilmNutI'll be right back.
    • 10:21Cakedude222
    • BrickfilmNut has left the chat. 

    10 or so minutes later

    • 10:31BrickfilmNutNice!
    • 10:32Cakedude222In the city?
    • 10:32Obi the LEGO FanWhat do you mean?
    • 10:32BrickfilmNutgtg
    • 10:33Obi the LEGO FanOkay, cya!
    • 10:33Cakedude222Is ur great grandmas house on the city or country?
    • 10:33Obi the LEGO FanI nee…

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  • Cakedude222

    Team Categories

    June 21, 2013 by Cakedude222

    So I have decided to seperate pages in the Users Category into team categories which only I can add. These are the following categories:

    Toxic Cats

    Cake is really really really cool

    Crazy Puffin

    Screaming Guitar

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