This page is all about pigs
Pig 1

Young Piglet planning of concuering the world.


Pigs are these cute animals with stubby trunks and ears. Theyre also preatty intelligent since they can play a simple video game like pong and do this ->

Pigs have been said to be planning to take earth from humans but the common eating of pigs (by the way Bacon) continues we have nothing to fear. Some people think: How can you eat them theyre really adorable!. Well i have to admit that theyre cute just look at them, but taste bacon and you know why.
Pig 2

Aww look at that cute mother trucker.

Pigs are also releative to Boars (Really? they actualy are just humans long breeded and locked up version of boars) and Humans (Humans not so closely but still are) Also taste ham!

Pig is a farm animal, thats why theyre offen refrensed as dirty and bad bad animals. Actualy they are preatty dirty, you know what this litlle piggy is watching right now? Dirty stuff, you guessed it --------->

But dont go and make a ham sandwich yet, if you actualy where
Pig 3

2 freaking huge pigs, this is evidence against some of you that think theyre always pink.

so stuppid that you didnt know what pigs are you better see some other really horrific trivia, like Bacon and some in the future, dont forget to leave your comments and edit this trivia bomb i just stuffed your face with.

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Awwe (: Frosting pigs!


The stuff you get from slishing a pigs ass.

THE SHODOWN´z Ep1 Seal´s V.S Pig´s!


Ja viel pieni jutska Korppufiniltä, hoho. Paloin Poroksi.